School council

Oldfield School Council is a vital and very important part of our school. At the start of each academic year all students interested in representing the school are given the opportunity to write a letter of application to Mrs Mills (Head of the School Council) to explain why they should be elected. From these application letters she chooses around 20 students from the whole of the school to become members of the School Council team.

As members of the School Council we meet at least once a month. During these meetings we discuss various policies such as the Anti-Bullying and Homework policies and provide feedback about new initiatives in school. In addition, we are also asked to participate in other activities such as speaking with the Governing body and interviewing possible new teachers. This allows the student body to have their say in how our school is run.
We also get to take part in leading many charity events such as supporting Children in Need and Comic Relief. We support local charities such as Bath Food Bank and the Samaritans Christmas Toy Appeal. We also lead sessions during tutorial time to raise awareness of national and local issues such as ‘Make your Mark’ to decide what should be discussed at the next Youth Parliament and the ‘Time to Change’ campaign to raise awareness of mental health.

School council at Oldfield school is very fun. You learn new and exciting skills. If your child is a member of the school council team this year, I congratulate them. And if not I hope next year your child shows an interest.

Hannah Tyson (Year 10 School Council Member)