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Parent Information

At Oldfield School we aim to work in partnership with students and parents to raise students’ expectations and standards of achievement in a caring, secure and supportive environment.  We value enormously the links between school and home; success is built on strong partnerships.  We appreciate that our partnership with parents and carers is vital and hope that this section of the website will keep you informed and up to date on specific information.

Key Subject Vocabulary Booklet

In each subject the learning of new vocabulary is central to students’ understanding of the material being taught.  This key vocabulary has been identified for each subject, gathered together and published in a helpful booklet for staff, students and parents.

This booklet contains key vocabulary for all subjects, for all year groups, but students have been given an abbreviated version of the booklet, specific to their year group.  Further information on practical application of the booklet is contained at the front of the booklet.

Key Vocabulary Booklet – Parent Edition

Information Evenings

Please find below the presentations from the parent information evenings held at school.

thumbnail of Year 7 Evening Presentation 2019       thumbnail of 2019-09-18 Y8 Parents Info Eve      thumbnail of 2019-09-11 Y9 Parents Info presentation       thumbnail of Year 10 information evening 2019



thumbnail of 2019-09-10 Y11 Parents Info presentation for website           thumbnail of 2019-09-10 Y11 Parents Info Booklet

Reports and Parents’ Evenings

Reports represent a significant aspect of home to school communication. Reports are sent home three times a year at the end of Terms 2, 4 and 6. These are data-rich reports allowing you to see how your child is progressing in all the subjects. In the report at the end of Term 6, you will receive the usual quantitative data report but also a qualitative written comments section from your child’s tutor and Head of Year.

One parent evening is arranged for each year group during the school year.  Parents/carers will receive a letter of invitation and have the opportunity to make an appointment through our online booking system.

Download parent guide for booking appointments

Parent Evening Dates for 2019-2020

Year 7 14 May 2020
Year 8 14 Nov 2019, 11 Jun 2020
Year 9 27 Feb 2020
Year 10 10 Oct 2019, 18 Jun 2020
Year 11 16 Jan 2020
Sixth form 30 Jan 2020, 14 Jul 2020 (Yr 12)

Parents of Year 6 children

We hold an Open Evening and Open Day in the first term of the new school year.  This is an excellent opportunity to visit the school and get a feel of what it’s like to be at Oldfield.

A “New Intake Evening” is held every Summer term for parents/carers of children that will be joining us in the following September.  There is also a “New Intake Day” for the children themselves to come and experience a full day at Oldfield in the Summer, and prior to all this, members of our staff visit all the primary schools to talk to pupils that will be joining in September.

We are always keen to see parents/carers about any aspect of a pupil’s education. It is vital that appointments are made to ensure that you see the appropriate person. When contacting the school, parents/carers should give the name of their child’s form tutor.


Each student is allocated a number of printer credits per term depending on year groups.  Unused credits will roll over to the following term until the end of the school year when they will be reset. Printing in mono costs 1 credit per page, in colour 2 credits per page.  Students can check their credit status by viewing the Papercut status box in the top right of their screen. If your child would like to purchase more credits, you can do so on their behalf via ParentPay.

Remember that once you press ‘Print’, your work will be held on a print queue within the PaperCut software until you release the job on any MFD (Multi‐Functional Device) located throughout the school. Jobs not released from the queue will automatically be deleted after 24 hours, you will not be deducted credits when this happens.

When printing from the internet, ‘Print’ will print the whole of the web‐page you are on. This may run to lots of pages of paper, which wastes time, toner and paper. It is better to copy and paste the section you want to a new Word document, and then print that. Ask an ICT Technician or teacher for help if you need it.