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Student Acceptable Use Policy June 2020

Information for students; staying safe and positive wellbeing



General Information

The safety and well-being of our students is something that we strive hard to ensure. We continue to work hard to provide a variety of ways to help you tell us if you or your children have any problems or worries that we need to know about such as bullying.

We understand that sometimes, coming into school to tell us about these issues can not always be an easy thing to do. Sometimes it can be a subject that you need to bring to our attention without wanting to identify yourself or your child directly but that you feel we need to know, particularly if it involves children’s safety. The link below provides you with further ways in which you can alert us to your concerns.

It is vital that all students understand how our local safeguarding and child protection procedures work. To support young people in BANES the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board has produced this document –

Our school council has produced a shorter version of this below.  If you are every worried about a friend or another student please talk to a member of staff or your parents.

Safeguarding of children presentation

Safeguarding of children script


Childnet International, a non-profit organisation works with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. For more information you can visit Childnet at and view the information sheet below.

SWGfL Whisper

Whisper is an anonymous reporting service for students, families and local community that allows you to send a message or text to a confidential school email account where staff experienced in responding to issues will receive it.

Clicking on the Whisper button on our site will take you to an online form where you can leave your message. You can choose to send it anonymously or, if you want us to get back to you, you can leave your contact details. Whisper does not collect any information to identify a sender unless they choose to leave it.

Whisper by Web

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Whisper by SMS




The NCA’s CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies.

For advice, help or to make a report visit the CEOP Internet Safety Centre