Interviews and CV Writing

Guidance & Support

In term 3, January 2024, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) ran a series of CV workshops for our Year 10 students.

Slides from the workshop are here Y10-CV-writing workshop_2024_PP



Barclays LifeSkills offers a range of activities for young people, including CV builder, CV tips and more. Find it here.


Mock Interviews

To support students in developing employability skills we will run mock interviews for Year 11 students on 29th September 2023 where students apply for a specific job and prepare for the interview.  It is a fantastic experience for students who are thinking about an apprenticeship after Year 11.

Students will have an opportunity to practice their communication and presentation skills. All interviews will be run by representatives from local businesses or trainer providers. Representatives from  BLB solicitors, City of Bristol College, BEMA (apprenticeships in Engineering), On Site Construction, and DWP are expected.

To participate students need to:

  1. Choose a job of their interest from or STEM specific For an apprenticeship use A job/apprenticeship advertisement should be copied and provided together with a short (1-page) CV. This can be taken on the day of the mock interview to present to the interviewer.
  2. Prepare their CV. Guidance and time to write a CV will be given in tutor time. It is a great opportunity to reflect on students’ work experience week and their own skills.
  3. Email to by Monday 25th September with the following information: a) students name; b) selected job/apprenticeship title.
  4. Attend their mock interview. On Friday 29th September students will be invited to attend a mock interview (between 9 am and 1 pm). We will try to match students to an interviewer most relevant to their job application.