School communication

As a school we believe strongly in the home-school relationship and the importance of this in your child’s educational experience. We encourage parents/carers to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about life at Oldfield. If there are particular concerns about your child, please contact the relevant member of staff as outlined in the table below. In most cases, parents /carers are encouraged, in the first instance, to contact their child’s tutor via the contact books, email or phone.

Communication regardingContact?What happens next
Absence from school, including
lateness and medical
(please contact the school every
morning that your child is absent
from school)
Main office number and leave a message on our absence line option 1, or email attendance@oldfieldschool.comMessage sent to Attendance
Administrator and relevant tutor.
Medical issuesMain office number and leave a message or email enquiries@oldfieldschool.comMessage sent to the School Nursing
Officer. This information is recorded
on your child’s record.
Lost propertyMain office number or email enquiries@oldfieldschool.comMessage sent to School Nursing
Home / out-of-school issuesTutor via main office number or email Message sent to relevant staff member. The teachers endeavour to respond as soon as they can but please remember that teachers are in class most of the day and often run clubs after school and at lunch. Therefore, you should not expect a response on that day. However, all queries should have received a response within 5 working days.
Behaviour issues/ lesson/ homework problems in one subjectSubject teacher via main office number or email
Continual behaviour / lesson/ homework issues in one subjectHead of Subject / Leader of Learning via main office or email
Behaviour/ friendship/attendance issues (general)Tutor via main office number or email
Persistent poor behaviour/ friendship/ attendance issuesHead of Year via main office number or email
Requests for authorisation for absence for exceptional circumstancesRequest must be made in writing to the Deputy Headteacher: Pastoral via
email outlining the reason for the absence in advance.
Application is considered on an individual basis. Notification is
provided in writing within 5 working days.
All concerns in relation to safeguarding / child protection of a childRequest to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead via main office.A Designated Safeguarding Lead would contact you the same day by phone.