Students must be in attendance every time the school is open, unless they are prevented from doing so by reason of illness or any unavoidable cause.


  • Students attend school every day
  • Students arrive punctually every day and attend tutor time – 8.30am.

Absence Procedure

  • Parent/carer contacts school on each day of absence with a full explanation
  • Absence line – 01225 423582, Option 1 Student absence (press # to ensure message saves)
  • Attendance –

Signing In/Out

  • If a student arrives between 8.30-8.50am, they must attend tutor time where the tutor marks them in with the number of minutes late
  • If a student arrives after 8.50am, they must sign in at reception
  • If a student leaves during the school day, they must sign out at reception.

Authorised Absence

  • Authorised absences are classed as being away from school for good reason e.g. illness or other unavoidable causes such as medical appointments
  • Medical evidence is required for all appointments and may be requested if a child is frequently absent due to illness
  • Only half days will be authorised for medical appointments (there are exceptions if the student is receiving specialist treatment – please contact the school in this instance)
  • Medical appointments should not be made during the school day although we appreciate there are some instances where this is not possible.

Unauthorised Absence

  • Unauthorised absences are those which are not considered reasonable or for which no “leave” has been given. These are an offence by the parent and include:
  • keeping children off school without a good reason
  • truancy from a whole session
  • children who arrive after registration has closed
  • taking unauthorised holidays
  • absences that have not been properly explained
  • To request leave of absence, please complete the Absence Request Form at least 5 working days prior to the date of absence.

Unwell During the School Day

  • If a student is unwell during the school day, they must see the medical officer or a first aider who will evaluate whether they are too unwell to remain in school
  • Students must not text or ring parents themselves & parents mustn’t arrive to collect their child without authorisation from school.