Guidance and Support

Choosing a Sixth Form is an important step but equally important is deciding what to do at the end of your Sixth Form studies. At Oldfield School we provide a thorough programme of support for our students, whether they wish to apply to University or consider other options Post-18. While the vast majority of our students choose to go onto University, we tailor our programme to meet the individual needs of each and every student, regardless of their plans for the future.

Support in Subjects

The most important support any student can receive is from their subject teachers. They need and deserve those one-to-one conversations that deepen knowledge and strengthen skills. They deserve their work to be marked in a timely fashion and in a detailed way. Our efforts to ensure small class sizes with no more than 15 in a class supports this.

Supporting Each and Every Student

At Oldfield School, we believe in providing each and every one of our students with the pastoral support they need to make a success of their studies. Aside from our highly experienced tutors, Mr Nash has an open-door policy and students with concerns should email or see him in the Sixth Form Office if they have any concerns. The Sixth Form Administrator, is also always on hand to offer advice and guidance. Similarly, we encourage parents and carers to do the same. Most problems can be resolved by prompt and open dialogue.