Social Sciences

This subject area covers Psychology, Sociology, Child Development


Psychology is offered in Key Stage 5 where it is a popular option choice as students want to study this new and interesting discipline. We follow the EDUQAS specification.
During this A-level the students will study:
Component 1: Psychology: Past to Present
Component 2: Psychology: Investigating Behaviour
Component 3: Psychology: Implications in the Real World


Sociology is offered at key stage 4 and 5, with the GCSE being offered for the first time in 2017/18.
Both the GCSE and A-level follow the AQA specification.

During the GCSE the students will study:

Unit 1: Studying Society; Education; Families
Unit 2: Crime and Deviance; Mass Media; Power; Social Inequality

During the A-level the students will study:

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods
Paper 2: Families and Households and Beliefs in Society
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

Child Development Cambridge National

Child development is a course students can opt to study at Key Stage 4. It is a vocational course that leads to a Cambridge National qualification which is equivalent to a GCSE. It is suitable for those students who are interested in babies and children and those who are thinking of careers such as nursing, teaching, midwifery and nursery nursing.

It is examined by both examination and coursework both worth 50% of the qualification.
The course covers all aspects of pregnancy, birth and child development up to the age of 5 years old.

In Year 10 we study units on pregnancy, birth, looking after a new-born and nutrition and includes many practical lessons using dolls to learn practical skills such as how to change a nappy, how to safely bathe a new-born and how to make up a bottle. Students will also get to test drive different types of prams.

In Year 11 the topics studied are child development 0-5 years, keeping children safe and looking after a sick child. Coursework consists of the study of a child between the ages of 0 – 5.
Many students who complete the course go on to study Heath and Social Care Level 3 course at Oldfield Sixth Form.

 Teaching and support staff

Mrs E Moore Leader of Learning: Social Sciences
Mr B Abood Head of Year 9. Business Studies Teacher
Mr J Beddow Assistant Headteacher; Pastoral. Economics and Business Studies Teacher
Mrs C Britton Head of Business Studies
Mrs A Clark Child Development Teacher
Ms J Lobbett Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R Sancto-Halpin Head of Psychology