Oldfield School Association

OSA Meetings 2022-2023

14.09.22, 8pm via Zoom

17.10.22, AGM, 7.30pm, Oldfield School Library

09.11.22, 8pm via Zoom

09.01.23, 8pm via Zoom

01.03.23, 8pm via Zoom

24.04.23, 8pm via Zoom

14.06.23, 8pm via Zoom



The OSA is small charity run by a group of parents, carers and staff. Our two main roles are i) to raise money to enhance the education and wellbeing of students and ii) support extracurricular events throughout the year to help create a sense of community at Oldfield. Committee Meetings are held every term and advertised in the school calendar and newsletter.

Activities that the OSA supports throughout the year include.

  • The Year 7 family BBQ and disco in September – a great way to introduce Year 7 parents and children to the school, each other and staff in a relaxed and informal setting.
  • The Christmas Fair held on the first Saturday in December – a huge event where students have opportunities to get creative and business minded running their own stalls. There are cake stalls, craft stalls, a raffle, musical items from the choir and beautiful high quality Christmas trees to buy.
  • The OSA quiz night in March – staff and parent teams only! A hugely enjoyable social event accompanied by healthy competition, much fun and a great meal.
  • Battle of the Bands – an awesome evening showcasing our talented student bands. The audience and an invited panel of external judges decide which band gets the opportunity to attend a recording session to lay down their own tracks.
  • Providing refreshments at a variety of school evening events, for example at the Awards Evening and the annual School Production
  • And finally, the OSA also organises pre-loved uniform sales held once a term. These are always hugely popular with parents.

Some of the areas that the OSA has supported this year include GCSE Photography to buy additional cameras, activities and games for our Special Educational Needs Department, mentoring courses to improve mental health and help with the provision of brass instruments so that all Year 7 students had a chance to learn to play!

The OSA would like to give a warm invitation to all new parents to come along to the meetings and find out more. Parents and carers who have volunteered over the years say that the OSA has been one of the best ways to be involved in school life. We are a relaxed and informal group who are committed to serving the school. Whether you can give a few hours a term or a few hours a week, your help matters. Please do get involved and make a difference. For more details, please contact OSA@oldfieldschool.com

Who are we?

The committee are:

Chairperson Gaynor Williams, who has children in Years 10, 12, 13
Treasurer Debbie Cottle, who has a child in Year 10
Secretary Catrin Yeomans, who has a child in Year 9
School Link Steven Mackay, Headteacher
Trustees Peter Ralph, Gaynor Williams, Debbie Cottle
Second-hand Uniform Suzanne Young, who has children in Years 8 and 9

Contact us at OSA@oldfieldschool.com

We are always happy to hear your comments or answer any questions about our work for the OSA.

If you would like any more information about the OSA, would like to be added to our contact list or may be able to help out at any of the above, please contact us at osa@oldfieldschool.com

You can also keep up to date with the OSA via the School Newsletter.