Our mission is to be a school which celebrates the achievements of each and every individual.

School information

Here at Oldfield we are acutely aware of the importance of education in today’s society and the part that teachers play in developing our young people so that they are fully equipped to make positive contributions in the 21st Century. Teaching and learning is of an excellent standard at Oldfield School and our well qualified and experienced staff work very hard with all students to achieve academic excellence. We are justly proud of the high quality education we provide: the outstanding teaching and learning; excellent behaviour in lessons and around school and the excellent academic achievement of our students.

In addition to excellent academic outcomes, we have a strong focus on extra-curricular activities including sports, performing arts and many other opportunities, alongside an established Duke of Edinburgh programme.

At Oldfield School we aim to work in partnership with students and parents to raise students’ expectations and standards of achievement in a caring, secure and supportive environment. We value enormously the links between school and home; success is built on strong partnerships.