School email and school access


You can access your school email account online by clicking here.


RM Portico gives you access to your files on your school network from a browser on any computer (including desktops, laptops, netbooks and smartphones). You can use it anywhere you can connect to the internet.

To use Portico simply log on to the following website: Portico at Oldfield


Each student is allocated a number of printer credits per term depending on year groups.  Unused credits will roll over to the following term until the end of the school year when they will be reset. Printing in mono costs 1 credit per page, in colour 2 credits per page.  Students can check their credit status by viewing the Papercut status box in the top right of their screen. If your child would like to purchase more credits, you can do so on their behalf via ParentPay.

Remember that once you press ‘Print’, your work will be held on a print queue within the PaperCut software until you release the job on any MFD (Multi‐Functional Device) located throughout the school. Jobs not released from the queue will automatically be deleted after 24 hours, you will not be deducted credits when this happens.

When printing from the internet, ‘Print’ will print the whole of the web‐page you are on. This may run to lots of pages of paper, which wastes time, toner and paper. It is better to copy and paste the section you want to a new Word document, and then print that. Ask an ICT Technician or teacher for help if you need it.