Academic success

The cornerstone of every school is its academic success and students at Oldfield School Sixth Form have a long and prestigious history of achieving fantastic results.

We pride ourselves on our small classes, close working relationships between staff and students and the drive and determination of our specialist teachers in ensuring every student reaches their full potential.

Academic progress is monitored closely at Oldfield School, ensuring that subject teachers, Sixth Form tutors and the Head of Sixth Form can intervene promptly if a student is struggling in a particular area. Communication, between staff, students and parents/carers, is key in ensuring students feel well supported and get the best out of their studies.

Our aspiration is to provide a liberal education for the 21st century, providing opportunities for all students to value a wide range of disciplines and subjects, from Arts to the Sciences, Literature to History.

  • On average, across the years, 40% 0f our students achieve grades A*-B. In 2013 25% achieved an A* or A grade.
  • English Literature results 2016: 100% of students achieved A*-C with 42% achieving A* or A grades. All students met their target grades and 86% exceeded their targets.
  • Fine Art results 2016: 50% A-B grades; 100% A grade in Textiles and Photography.
  • Dance results 2016: 100% A-B- a fantastic result mirrored in similarly excellent results across the years.
  • Philosophy & Ethics results 2016: 50% of our students achieved an A grade.
  • Geography results 2016: 34% of students achieved grades A*-B
  • History results 2016: 33% of students achieved A*-B grades. In 2013 over a third of students achieved A* to A grades!
  • Physics results 2016: 33% of students achieved grades A*-B.
  • Mathematics results 2016: 25% achieved an A grade.