List of governors

List of Governors

Name Category Term From Term To Leads & Link Governor Roles
Martin Crook Parent 01 Mar 2019 28 Feb 2023
Tahir Darr

Chair of the Governing Board


Appointed by Members


30 Mar 2016 29 Mar 2020 · Science

· Exit Interviews (Staff)

· RAP (Raising Achievement Plans)

· OSA (Oldfield School Association Link)

Tom Davies Co-opted 07 Dec 2017 06 Dec 2021 · Sixth Form

· Capital Development

· Health & Safety

Duncan Giles Co-opted 21 Mar 2017 20 Mar 2021
Ruth Henry Staff governor 09 Feb 2017 08 Feb 2021
Vicki Jackson Co-opted


09 Feb 2017 08 Feb 2021 · Communications

· Behaviour for Learning

· English

Carl Lander

Chair of Personnel and Student Welfare

Parent 01 Mar 2019 28 Feb 2023 · Pupil Premium
Vacancy Staff 08 Feb 2018 07 Feb 2022 · Marking & Feedback
Steven Mackay


  01 Sept 2017 ex officio · Lead Professional

· Accounting Officer

Kelly Ogden Parent


04 Dec 2018 03 Dec 2022 · Student Voice


· Anti-Bullying

Nick Regan

Chair of the Curriculum Committee

Appointed by Members


20 Sep 2017 20 Sep 2021 · Humanities

· MABLE (More Able)

· Modern Foreign Languages

Ashley Russell

Vice Chair of Governors

Appointed by Members 01 Feb 2019 31 Jan 2023 · Safeguarding
Kevin Ward

Chair of Finance & Audit Committee

Appointed by Members 08 Dec 2016 07 Dec 2020 · Sport
Stuart Weatherall


 Appointed by Members  30 Mar 2016  29 Mar 2020 · Maths

Governor Profiles


Tahir Darr –  Chair of Governors

I have recently been appointed Chair of Governors and have been a Governor since 2011 and Vice Chair of Governors since 2013.

I have three children of which one still attends Oldfield School so have a vested interest in the success of the school. I have been an airline pilot for 26 years and I am a magistrate in adult and family court.

I have enjoyed getting to know the excellent staff at the school and admired their dedication and professionalism in the challenging environment of the school.  I look forward to ensuring the success of Oldfield School for many more years.

Tom Davies – Governor

I joined Oldfield as a Governor in November 2017. My wife, daughter and I live in Bath and as Oldfield is our local school I was keen to become a Governor to support the school.

I am a Chartered Accountant and currently the Bursar (COO) at Monkton Combe School where I am responsible for the School’s support operations including its finances and estates.

Before joining Monkton I was a Director in the Education and Charities team at the accountancy firm, Grant Thornton UK LLP where I advised and audited a number of schools, universities and large charities. Before training as an accountant, I was the founding director of an international NGO which focussed on providing education and support for disadvantaged children.

Duncan Giles – Governor

In 2005 I joined Oldfield School as Head of Year and remained there happily for 5 years. During that time I was fortunate to be part of an inspiring school community that demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication throughout. Oldfield’s student body, its teachers and support staff strove for excellence and it left a strong impression on me, which remains to this day.

When the opportunity to become a governor arose in 2013, I did not hesitate. It felt important to support a school I believed in and work alongside colleagues I trusted and respected. Oldfield was and remains an outstanding school and I believe it as our priority to ensure that does not change. Working together, supporting one another and putting the interests of the school and its pupils at the forefront of everything we do should ensure the schools continued success.

Since leaving Oldfield in 2010 I was appointed Assistant Headmaster at Kensington School, a British curriculum school in Barcelona and more recently as Principal of Baleares International College, Mallorca. My experience in both the classroom and management in addition to working with inter-school bodies such as NABSS, (National Association of British Schools in Spain), BISA, (Barcelona International School Association) and the British Council will hopefully allow me to support my fellow governors, the Senior Leadership Team and the Oldfield community as a whole.

Ruth Henry – Staff Governor 

I have been a member of staff at Oldfield since 2014, working in administration and then as Student Welfare Officer and now Pastoral Support Officer.

My aim is to help provide our students with not only an excellent education but with a sense of self-worth and emotional well-being.  As a member of staff and parent I feel I have a good all-round understanding of our school and have a good relationship with staff, parents and students.

I was a governor with a primary school for 7 years and was involved in meetings there with 2 rounds of OFSTED.  Before having children I worked as Academic Quality Manager for the University of Westminster, where I was responsible for validation and review of all courses within social sciences, law and languages and was lead administrator for all of the QAA visits, which has equipped me for reading, digesting and questioning long documents and policies.  This said my real passion is ensuring each student is treated as an individual to help them reach their full potential.

Vicki Jackson – Governor

I was appointed a community governor at Oldfield in Feb 2017.

I am passionate about supporting the local community and helping the teaching team at Oldfield to maintain its high standards and values and to provide the best education it possibly can.

With over 20 years’ experience as a Retail professional, across commercial management, product development, marketing and project management, I hope that my experience, skills and interests will contribute to the success of Oldfield, benefiting all stakeholders – students, parents, staff and the local community.

Carl Lander – Parent Governor, Chair of Personnel and Student Welfare

I have become a parent governor at Oldfield School to be more involved in an excellent school and help support the school in improving even further.

I have been a governor in South Gloucestershire primary and secondary schools for many years and enjoy being a part of the development of young people in the local community. Now living in Bath with a daughter at Oldfield School, I felt it was time to become  involved.

My professional background is within the NHS, in both clinical and managerial roles, focussing these days on people and education roles. I hope to bring both my professional and governing experience to the benefit of students at Oldfield School.

Kelly Ogden – Governor

I have been a Parent Governor at Oldfield School since 2014.   I am also a Parent Governor & Chair of the Parent Council at Two Mile Hill Primary School.

I have 3 children, two are currently at Oldfield School. I feel very passionate about volunteering my time towards both schools and enjoy all aspects of the role.

I am on Personal and Student Welfare Committee. My main link areas lie with Student Council & SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability).  I feel that the student voice is very important as they are the ones that have to deal directly with day-to-day life within the school.  I will be working closely with Student Council to tackle every day issues and listen to their views.

Governors at Oldfield School work together as a team to make sure we get the best possible outcomes for the students.

Nick Regan – Governor, Chair of Curriculum Committee

As one of the parent governors, I bring perhaps the most important perspective in the school community – that of the parents – to the discussions of the Governing Body.

I am Chair of the Curriculum Committee. My role there is to ask for, and receive, along with the other members, reports from the Senior Team and Heads of Faculty on the students’ progress and achievement of targets, and on changes to the curriculum and the impact that they have, to ensure high quality teaching and learning in all subjects. I also ask the Link governors, who have special liaison roles with the academic Faculties, to visit their Head of Faculty in school in order to stay up to date with developments within their subjects, and to report back to the Curriculum Subcommittee.

I have always worked in language teaching, at secondary and university levels; I am a Teaching Fellow in Spanish at the University of Bath. My experience, and the B&NES Governor training, helps me engage properly with teaching, learning and assessment at Oldfield.

Ashley Russell – Vice Chair

Appointed from February 2019, I am very proud to be a part of the Oldfield School community as a Board member. Through my trusteeship, I hope to have a positive impact on the work the school does to allow young people to thrive and grow, both academically and personally. My responsibilities lie in scrutinising and challenging the school’s performance to ensure we are working on the right things, in the right way. In November 2019, I was appointed Chair of the school’s Personnel and Student Welfare Committee.  I held this position until my election as Vice-Chair of Governors in September 2020.  I also hold the role as the appointed Safeguarding Governor for the school, with a keen interest in supporting and protecting our students, including our most vulnerable.

Previously a manager in a large UK retailer, I now work in the public sector. I’m also involved in volunteering with The Scouts, as a manager of a scout group, an organiser of events for our young people, and – until September 2020 – a trustee on the Board of the national charity The Scout Association. In 2019, I was recognised by the Chair of Bath and North East Somerset Council for service to the community of Bath.

Kevin Ward – Governor, Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee

I joined the governing body in October 2012 and became chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee in May 2014. I have lived in Bath & North East Somerset for the past 10 years and currently live in Keynsham with my wife and two young daughters.

I have worked as a ‘big 4’ management consultant for the past 10 years allowing me to hold many senior positions across public and private sector organisation in both an advisory and delivery capacity. I bring to the governing body significant experience in programme and project management, strategy development and delivery and change management expertise. My aim is to utilise the skills and experience I have developed over the last 10+ years to support the delivery of Oldfield School’s exciting, ambitious and challenging plans over the next few years and beyond. I am also actively participating in the B&NES governor training programme to improve my knowledge and specific skills needed to support Oldfield.

My focus in the short term will be ensuring that we have a balanced budget focussed on delivering the priorities that matter to our children, parents and other stakeholders from across the local community and that we constantly challenge ourselves to deliver value for money in everything that we do.

Stuart Weatherall

I joined Oldfield School’s governing body in March 2012 and was Chair of Governors between March 2014 and September 2020 but I will continue as a member of the governing body.  When not engaged on governance matters, I work as a consultant project manager at Army Headquarters and as a company director.  Work brought me to Bath in 2006 where I still live with my wife and five children.

I have a considerable amount of general management experience from my 30 years’ service in the Army which has equipped me with a range of relevant skills including project management, performance management, planning, budget management and HR to undertake the challenging role as Chair.  To improve my knowledge I also participate in ongoing governor training provided by B&NES.

I am particularly interested in working with parents and other stakeholders to ensure that the school has a positive and important profile in the local community, that we have a culture of openness and constant improvement and that the talents and efforts of our students and staff are nurtured, valued and celebrated.

Governor Applications

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Oldfield School please use this link to contact the Clerk to the Governing Board and mark your email for the attention of the Chair of the Governing Board.

Governor Queries

Any governor queries should be addressed to the Governing Board at the school’s address:

Oldfield School
Kelston Road

Telephone: (01225) 423582
Fax: (01225) 464986