Student opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for Sixth Formers to play an important role throughout the school.

Head and Deputy Head Students

Our most prestigious position is Head Student, a role that involves working closely with Mr Nash, the Head of Sixth Form and playing an important role throughout the school. The Head Student is supported by their Deputy Head Student.

“Our Sixth Form has a warm and welcoming atmosphere: it’s like one big family where we all support each other. The variety of trips and activities on offer are amazing” Laura Banks, Head Student

“The key to our Sixth Form’s success is the fantastic results. We have great teachers, specialists in their subject, who are always willing to go the extra mile for their students.” Hollie Birkwood, Deputy Head Student

Sports Captain

Sport has always played an important part of school life at Oldfield School and this is a tradition that continues into the Sixth Form. Our Sports Captain supports the PE department in their clubs, promote sporting competitions between Houses and organise teams within the Sixth Form for a variety of sports.

 “Oldfield School has excellent sporting facilities and there are plenty of sporting clubs to join. Hopefully, we can get some teams together to compete against other schools in the area.” Tom Templeton, Sports Captain

Student Head of House

The House system is central to pastoral care at Oldfield School. All students, throughout the school, including Sixth Formers, are allocated a House. This forms the basis for competitions and events, both sporting and academic, support and team building and charity and fund raising events. Sixth Form Heads of Houses, working closely with staff, are in charge of coordinating, organising and running these events.

This year our Sixth Form Heads of Houses are Amy Kinch, Erin Roberts, Alicia Lines and Olivia Cheung.

“It’s a great honour to be a Head of House. It’s really key to integrating the Sixth Form with the rest of the school.” Amy Kinch.

“It’s good to give something back to the school community whether that’s helping Year 11 students with their GCSEs or being a friendly face for the new Year 7 students.” Alicia Lines.

All these students form the Sixth Form Committee that discusses with Mr Nash, Head of Sixth Form, issues relevant to life in our Sixth Form.


Embark is an employability skills award for post-16 students attending schools and colleges in the Bristol and Bath region. It symbolises the start of students’ professional development and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Students who have gained experience and employability skills in addition to exam grades really stand out. Embark recognises the skills post-16 students have developed through participating in extra curricular activities. For 16 – 18 year olds it helps them to:

  • Develop their skills and endorse their achievements;
  • Increase their confidence to communicate effectively
  • Help them to stand out in a competitive market place

What it involves

Students need to complete a minimum of 25 hours of activities in 3 different categories. (Total 75 hours) One of these categories must be Education and Careers

They need to produce a Skills Activity Report for each of the three categories including any supporting evidence of their achievements.  The Skills Activity Report includes maintaining an activity record and writing a reflective statement.

There are 6 categories to choose from

  • Volunteering, charity and community work
  • Enterprise
  • Employability events and work experience
  • Leadership, teamwork and participation
  • Global and cultural awareness
  • Education and career planning