Teaching and Learning

In Key Stage 3 the students receive three lessons per fortnight and are taught in mixed ability tutor or teaching groups.

In Year 7 the focus is evidence. Students study The Roman Empire, Migration to Bristol, The Dark Ages, Castles and Cathedrals, The Crusades.

In Year 8 the focus is interpretation. Students study: Richard III, The Tudors, Fury and Fire, The British Empire and The Industrial Revolution.

In Year 9 the focus is significance. Students study: The Twentieth Century, The First World War, The Jazz age and Twentieth Century leaders.

History is a popular GCSE option choice, there are currently nine teaching groups in Year 10 and 11. Students receive 5 lessons per fortnight. Students presently follow the AQA GCSE where all study Germany 1890 to 1945, Britain: Health and the People, Norman England and Conflict and Terror 1990 to 2009.

At A Level the department maintains its popularity with large numbers studying the AQA syllabus. The A Level course consists of two papers. Paper one is on the Tudors 1485 – 1603, and paper two is on Russia 1917 – 1953. There is a compulsory coursework component, which is on any topic of the student’s choice.

Study visits and trips

History offers a range of exciting trips. In Year 9 there is a residential Battlefields trip to Belgium and France. In Year 10 students are offered the chance to visit Munich to support their studies on Germany. At A Level there is a trip to Russia.