Enrichment & experience programme

Sixth Form life is about so much more than just attending your lessons. At Oldfield School we believe that enrichment events and opportunities will make our students more rounded learners, more engaged with the wider community and ensure that their time here in our Sixth Form is one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

All subjects offer lunch time and after school clubs, ranging from rugby to archaeology. Sixth Form students are also encouraged to run their own clubs, for example the highly popular Sixth Form Film and Book Clubs.

Trips for the Sixth Form

As part of the Sixth Form experience, day trips and residential trips can be important in enhancing a student’s subject knowledge.

In the past, our History students visited both St. Petersburg and Moscow to support their study of Russian history. Our Drama students have had the opportunity to attend a weekend theatre trip to London where they watched a play in the Globe and had a workshop on Elizabethan costume design. In conjunction with Kingswood School, our Drama and English students have visited New York, and our physicists visited the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

Every student in Year 12 will be timetabled one lesson a week in order to provide an opportunity to study or develop a skill outside their A level choices. This year we are offering three choices:

  • History of Western Thought: a crash course in ‘the best of what has been said and thought’ from Plato to Einstein.
  • Spanish Conversation: Not taking a Modern Foreign language but want to impress that University admissions officer with some extra language skills? This could be the one for you.
  • Sport & Fitness: A rolling programme of different sporting and fitness activities. Great for reenergising those batteries and offers the opportunity to play for a school team.
  • Creative Media: an opportunity to try your hand at video editing, graphic design and other forms of new media.
  • Study Skills Plus: the ideal course for building your CV, developing employability skills and learning about finance.

Duke of Edinburgh

Oldfield School runs a very successful Duke of Edinburgh programme at all levels of the award, whether students are starting afresh at Bronze level or wish to move onto their Silver and Gold award.

School Service

Oldfield School’s House system is at the core of our pastoral provision. All Year 12 and 13 students are placed into one of the four Houses. Guided by our student Head of Houses, students will, throughout the year, be involved and lead a host of whole school activities and events, whether it’s acting as a learning mentor for Year 11 students in their build up to their GCSE examinations or providing support for Year 7 students who are new to the school.

Our students are also expected to volunteer and contribute to the wider community, and this can be through supporting students in our local primary schools or visiting local care homes.