Our expectation is that all of our students are in on time, all of the time. There is a wealth of evidence which shows that students who have excellent attendance are more likely to make excellent progress and form better relationships with their peers. 

Student Absence

Reporting a Student Absence 

Being on time to school is extremely important and will be rewarded. If a student is late a break time detention will be given for a student to make up the time, they were late. If a student is late to school for reasons beyond their own control, this is considered.  

If a student is absent from school, their parent/carer must phone the school on the first day and every day that the student is off school. 

An absence can be reported by contacting the school by telephone on: 01225 423 582 and selecting option 1. 

If you do not call the school, you will receive a call/text message from the attendance team to check the child’s whereabouts. This is done to help prevent unauthorised absences and to safeguard our students, we need to know if a child is expected in school but hasn’t arrived.  

Requests for Leave of Absence 

Parents/carers should not take family holidays in term time. The school is not able to authorise such absence on the grounds of cost or convenience. If requests for leave of absence have to be made for other reasons, then they should be made in writing to the Assistant Headteacher responsible for attendance, Mr Seb Tennant. Further information regarding this can be found in the school Attendance Policy. 

Medical Appointments 

Students need to remember to sign in/out at main reception if they are late for school or if they are leaving school during the day, either for a medical appointment or other reasons.  We would appreciate medical and dental appointments not being made during the school day wherever possible. However, we understand that this is not always something that you can control. Afternoon appointments are best because students are likely to miss less of the school day. As a school we only authorise a maximum of half a day for a single medical appointment; there are exceptions to this if a pupil is having a course of lengthy or specialist medical treatment. Please ensure you report the absence to the school with as much notice as possible. 


Attendance Support from School 

As a school we are committed to doing as much as we can to support your child, this includes supporting them to attend school. Our approach includes both rewarding students who have excellent attendance as well as supporting those who might be struggling to attend school regularly.  

All staff in the school have a responsibility to support attendance, some of the key staff in school to support your child are outlined below.  


The tutor is the member of staff who your child will see the most often in school, all students start their school day with a twenty-minute tutor session. 

The form tutor is the first point of contact for parents, if you have any concerns/would like to report anything that might have an impact on your child’s attendance to school this is the first person to contact. 

If we have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance to school the tutor is usually the first person to make contact home, this is done to just check in, and see if there is anything we can do as a school to support.  

To get in touch with your child’s tutor email and it will be forwarded onto the correct member of staff.  

Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year 

Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year can offer/support your child attending school if circumstances require a more individualised approach. The Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of year work closely with other teams in the school such as the SEND team/attendance team to put plans in place to help improve student attendance.  

To get in touch, Heads of Year can be contacted at the following email addresses. 

Role  Name  Email 
Head of Year 11  Mrs Blanchett  
Head of Year 10  Ms Bird  
Head of Year 10  Mr Ashcroft  
KS4 Assistant Head of Year  Mrs Daniel 
KS4 Assistant Head of Year  Miss Bucinskaite  
Head of Year 8  Mr Sargent  
Head of Year 7  Ms Heaven  
KS3 Assistant Head of Year  Miss Norris  


Attendance Team 

The attendance team at the school is there to offer tailored support plans for pupils who are finding it difficult coming into school, this could relate to persistent illness/medical conditions/treatment, or emotional based school avoidance. The objective of the attendance team is to work together with the families of young people to support them getting into school more often.  

 Amy Gotts – Education Welfare Officer  

Stacey Collings – Education Welfare Officer  

Gemma Green – Attendance Admin  

If you have an urgent concern, please contact us via, this will ensure your message will get to the right person.  


Supporting Your Child Attending School 

Some things parents can do to help their child have good attendance at school: 

  • Have high expectations for them, our shared aim is for all students to attend school 100% of the time 
  • Contact the tutor if you have any concerns 
  • Make a plan with your child that enables them to get to school on time everyday 
  • Communicate any concerns or issues with the school so that there is a joined-up approach between family and school to support your child 
  • Take an interest in your child’s education, have a look at work through their books, help them keep on top of homework and attend parents evenings 

Sometimes students struggle attending school for reasons associated with mental health (such as anxiety), we call this emotional based school avoidance (EBSA). EBSA is commonly associated with some form of emotional or physical distress which results in a young person being reluctant to attend school, this can lead to further anxiety around attending school because of missed work or poor relationships with peers.  

If you are worried about your child potentially showing signs of EBSA please contact the school, the earlier we are able to put a support plan in place the more likely it will be to have a positive impact on attendance.  

Further information about EBSA can be found in the useful links section of the attendance page.  


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