Bus Transport

First Bus Designated  School Bus Service

Due to the 37 bus route being discontinued, along with the reductions introduced on the 19 bus route, we negotiated with First Bus in order to guarantee that we could get our students who used those bus services, into school.  Please find the information on these bus routes, ticket prices and how to book.

First Bus Designated School Bus Service

Public Transport (excluding designated school buses)

We sell weekly and monthly bus tickets at reception for those students who need them.  All children who wish to purchase First Bus tickets will require a First Bus photo-card.  If you would like a First Bus photo-card, please send in a passport sized photograph of your child to the school office.  We can then prepare the photo-cards and issue them to your child.  The current prices of tickets are as follows but please note these may change (you can confirm current prices via the school office or by emailing ).

Years 7-11                             Weekly £12.10                     Monthly £44.00

Years 12 and 13                   Weekly £16.95                     Monthly £61.60

We issue First bus tickets as follows:

  • Tickets are only sold via reception on a Friday except at the start of the new academic year. All bus pass request envelopes must be completed and handed to reception by 11.10am Friday morning.  The bus passes will be ready to collect by the end of the school day.
  • The photo-card will be valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • A valid photo-card must be shown each and every time a ticket is purchased.
  • A ticket is only to be issued to the student whose picture is shown on the photo-card.
  • Cheques should be made out to Oldfield School.
  • Parents should write on the back of the cheque their child’s name and tutor group.
  • If paying in cash the correct money is required.
  • Please also state the date from which you wish your ticket to be valid from and indicate the type of ticket required.

Newbridge Park and Stride

BANES have negotiated use of part of the Newbridge Park and Ride to allow parents to drop off and pick up their children until the end of this school year.  The purpose of this initiative is to reduce traffic and congestion outside the school site on Kelston Road and Newbridge Hill Road, encourage students to walk part of their way to school and to improve air quality outside the school.

See below for a map showing how this will work and the area of the park and ride that can be used by parents. Parents using this must park in parking bays using vacant parking spaces, rather than dropping off in the one-way system to minimise impact on the park and ride bus service.  Footpaths are located around the perimeter of the car park  and link up with the footpath to Kelston Road. The footpath has been improved by Bath Ramblers through improving drainage along the path and adding new steps.  Please be aware that the path can be muddy in wet weather.  Students are then able to cross Kelston Road via the pedestrian crossing.  These arrangements will be reviewed later this year regarding whether they will continue in September.

We would encourage you to make use of this facility as I am sure that you are aware of the issues caused by congestion outside the school at the end of the school day in particular and any measures to improve the situation should be welcomed.

Oldfield School Park and Stride Map

Oldfield Park and Stride Report