The Communications Learning Area consists of English, Media Studies, Film Studies and Modern Foreign Languages.

These subjects have much in common when it comes to communication – using visual, oral and written means of communicating. In these different subjects students meet many aspects of language, in many forms and styles – but there are significant overlaps as well.

In these discrete subjects students will have their own programmes of study but together we seek to develop in students a sense of the richness and variety of communication available to us all.

Teaching and support staff

Ms J Malt  Leader of Learning: Communications. English, English Literature and Film Studies Teacher
Mr D Blower  Training Manager and Literacy Coordinator. English Teacher
Mr J Cordle  Head of Foreign Modern Languages. Spanish and French Teacher
Ms T Diamond   English Teacher
Mrs A Green  Spanish and French Teacher
Miss B Hassell  Second in Modern Foreign Languages.  Spanish and French Teacher
Mr M Hayward   Head of Year 12. English Teacher
Mrs L Holly    English Teacher
Mr J Martos  Spanish and French Teacher
Mr C McGettigan     Head of KS3 English. English, Media and Film Studies Teacher
Ms C Mellor  English Teacher
Mrs L Morris  English Teacher
Mr G Nash   Assistant Headteacher; Head of 6th Form. English and Film Studies Teacher
Ms K Reed  English Teacher
Mrs R Rhodes   English Teacher
Miss A Taylor  Assistant Head of Year 7.  Spanish and French Teacher
Mr L Trowell   Second in English. English Teacher