September admissions

Places for September 2018

The arrangements for allocating Year 7 places at Oldfield School are determined by the Local Authority. While parents have the right to choose a preferred school, the number of places available at that school may limit the choice. If a school is over-subscribed the Local Authority admissions team has to apply criteria, listed in order of priority, when allocating places.

If Oldfield is your school of choice it is important you put us as first choice on your application form for a Year 7 place. When the first round of places are offered on 1 March 2018 if you are not successful in being offered a place at Oldfield School, please advise B&NES that you would like to go on the waiting list or would be willing to go to appeal if necessary. In the first week of May 2018 B&NES will make a second round of allocations.  A variety of factors result in more places becoming available between March and August.  

Timetable for Secondary Co-ordinated Admissions for September 2018

1 March 2018: first round of allocations made

May 2018: second round of allocations made

Year 7 appeals: if you wish to appeal for a year 7 place the deadline for submitting an appeal is 12 April 2018, when the written submission should be lodged. For applications made in the normal admission round, appeals must be heard within 40 days of the deadline for lodging appeals. Appeals for Year 7 places are heard from June onwards.

Key Dates for Year 7 transition

June: Visits to pupils at their primary schools. After these visits have taken place, tutor groups will be allocated to ensure a fair mix of gender and ability.

Thursday 5 July 2018: New Intake Day.  All Year 6 children spend the day at Oldfield. They meet their tutor group for the first time, sample some lessons and start exploring the school.

Thursday 12 July 2018: New Intake Evening. This provides an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s tutor and headteacher.

Late applications

All applications must be submitted to the child’s home Local Authority (LA) by the closing date of 31 October. Under the Bath & North East Somerset LA’s secondary coordinated scheme, any parents refused a place for the new Year 7 intake may ask for their child’s name to go on the waiting list where the name will remain until the end of the academic year. Any late applicants should complete their home LA’s common application form as soon as possible. The Governing Body will be informed of any late applications received.